8 Mar 2014

Wonderful finds

Pit stop in Zara 

Since my new job in Munich, involves spending most of the time looking at glamourous fashion bloggers who wear all the latest trends, I thought it was time to hit the shops! My favourite fashion haunt is Zara, as I think their clothes are sophisticated, have a feel of high quality and are are actually good value for money! 

THE colour of the season is pastel, particularly candy pink and blue. It's so popular and can be seen all across the high street and online. So, I went to Zara and straight away felt excitable as I was faced with the new season spring collection! It's so nice to have colour back in the shops and it's my confirmation that winter is over, which is great news! I picked up some tailored black trousers and they were a perfect fit, which is quite rare for me. Heading out of the shop and feeling pretty smug about my new purchase, I was drawn to a pastel blue blazer and immediately had to try it on! Unfortunately for my bank balance, it was a great fit and so it came home with me. I've worn it a few times now and every time it puts me in the mood for summer!