15 Oct 2014

One Fine Day at the Flohmarkt

Deciding to live in another country was never going to be easy, but it allowed me to experience things that I wouldn't do ordinarily. I was lucky enough to be in Munich for one of their famous Flohmarkts, which is very similiar to the UK's car boot sale. The difference being, the flohmarkt engulfs the residential area of Glockenbach (the area I was living) and invites people to browse stalls of unwanted gems in the comfort of a back yard. I took off to see what all the hype was about and to my delight I was greeted with an array of clothes, books, accessories and ornaments. The main attraction of the Flohmarkt to a curious ex pat, is the chance to see inside the back yard's of beautiful bavarian homes. The houses are often historic and are adorned with original features. I have always taken an interest in Architecture, whether on a small or large scale; so the buildings in Munich did not disapoint. Although I was tempted to buy a cool (expensive looking) jacket, I resisted and came away with something I will keep and be sentimental about for a long time. The purchase of a very vintage looking silver ring, with a turquoise gem stone. It took my eye just as I was leaving the Flohmarkt and I was hooked once I heard the ring had passed through generations of a German family. I doubt the ring has any monetary value, but it will remind me of a great day in Munich.