15 Oct 2014

One Fine Day at the Flohmarkt

Deciding to live in another country was never going to be easy, but it allowed me to experience things that I wouldn't do ordinarily. I was lucky enough to be in Munich for one of their famous Flohmarkts, which is very similiar to the UK's car boot sale. The difference being, the flohmarkt engulfs the residential area of Glockenbach (the area I was living) and invites people to browse stalls of unwanted gems in the comfort of a back yard. I took off to see what all the hype was about and to my delight I was greeted with an array of clothes, books, accessories and ornaments. The main attraction of the Flohmarkt to a curious ex pat, is the chance to see inside the back yard's of beautiful bavarian homes. The houses are often historic and are adorned with original features. I have always taken an interest in Architecture, whether on a small or large scale; so the buildings in Munich did not disapoint. Although I was tempted to buy a cool (expensive looking) jacket, I resisted and came away with something I will keep and be sentimental about for a long time. The purchase of a very vintage looking silver ring, with a turquoise gem stone. It took my eye just as I was leaving the Flohmarkt and I was hooked once I heard the ring had passed through generations of a German family. I doubt the ring has any monetary value, but it will remind me of a great day in Munich.

22 Apr 2014

An Afternoon in Gärtnerplatz

It's Easter and it seems like many of the locals spend this weekend with their families. As my family are in England, it's a good time to spend the afternoon exploring the neighborhood and spending time in coffee shops! I'd looked up a few of Munich's most loved cafes but in the end I decided to head for Cotidiano's in Gärtnerplatz. I'm moving house again in two weeks to a place near this area, so it's nice to get to know it a little before I settle there for the next three months.

Cotidiano's is a 'bakery cafe' and is actually more like a restaurant. As you go indoors, you leave behind the quiet streets of Munich and are instantly greeted by friendly waiting staff and an inviting atmosphere. Maybe it's busier being a public holiday, but every time I come here it's lively and has a great buzz about it. Great food for all times of the day and an inviting drinks menu, this is definitely one of Munich's hot spots!

The crowd in this area of Munich is young, creative and seemingly carefree. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to living in my new place! I haven't met one person in Munich, who hasn't struggled to find somewhere to rent or has had to move after a month or two. It's a hassle, but I'm actually enjoying the opportunity to experience different areas of Munich and what they have to offer.

21 Apr 2014

Easter Sunday in Munich

Most of my friends in Munich, went home to see their families this weekend. So, those who we're staying in Munich decided to get together and cook a nice meal together :) It's not nice being away from home, on a weekend where most people spend time with their family, so we decided to do something nice as a group. 

Once we'd agreed on what to make, we did a Lidl's haul and got to work cooking dinner! We cooked up a Brazilian recipe that Camila likes to cook back home, which was absolutely delish! In the end we ate salmon with salad and rice, with the special addition of Camilla's Brazilian black bean recipe. 

Happy Easter! 

24 Mar 2014

Here come the Brits!

This weekend I had my first visitors to stay with me! It was really the best time, as I think any earlier it would be harder to say goodbye. It was a nice little treat for me to spend time with good friends and  equally they got to explore a great new city.

The girls arrived late on Friday night, so we headed to a cosy pub and enjoyed a Bavarian beer whilst we caught up. The next day I cooked a big breakfast, which featured the well known 'bratwurst' sausage, which had a kick of chilli and were pretty tasty. With full tummies, we headed to Viktualienmarkt- a historical market place, bustling with food, flower and coffee stalls.

Viktualienmarkt has everything from Antipasti to rare spices and traditional Bavarian delicacies, and caters for every taste bud. It's a great place to pick up food which may not be so widely available in the local supermarkets; but of course, it is also a hub for tourists who want to get a feel for Bavarian life.

Aside from the food stalls, Viktualienmarkt has an abundance of cafes and restaurants, which offer cuisine from a range of cultures including Italian, Mexican and Thai.

As the weather turned to a little more like what we are used to in the UK, I decided to take the girls to  a rooftop bar to take in the impressive Munich skyline. Recommended by my colleague Lauren, we took the U-Bahn to the University district and headed to a bar on the top floor of the TUM. When we got up, it was a perfect mix of laid back interior design, impressive views and chilled electro music. 

This is definitely something special in Munich and a great place to visit if you are in the city for a weekend. 

21 Mar 2014

STYLIGHT goes to the U.S

Stylight was established in Munich and has since operated from only the German HQ. However, to satisfy their ongoing expansion plans, the company has launched a brand new US website and are opening a second Stylight office in central New York. The US market has huge opportunities for business development, however it is an extremely competitive market and so Stylight have spent a long time ensuring they are fully prepared for the launch.

To celebrate this exciting news, Stylight threw an American themed party last week! The office was decorated with Amercian flags and streamers and we ate a buffet style dinner, featuring hot dogs, pancakes and of course, beer! Everyone at Stylight got involved with the celebrations and enjoyed a game of beer pong, or two!

Although I have been in Munich for almost 2 months now, I still feel like a newbie and events like this really help to take your mind off home!

17 Mar 2014

Sunny Sundays in the Englischer Garten

Sundays in Munich can be very quiet; all shops, bars and restaurants are closed! So, I guess most people head to a park or if the weather is nice, a Biergarten. I've always heard great things about Munich's Englischer Garten, which apparently is based on London's Hyde Park. Luckily, this garden was very close to my apartment so I thought it would be silly not to go!

 When I finally got there, I found vast green areas, woodland, streams and lots of people :) As I walked further a field I was drawn by the sounds of a Bavarian band which we're playing from the top of the Chinese tower (below). It was nice to see so many people enjoying the sunshine and some giant beers (of course!)