22 Apr 2014

An Afternoon in Gärtnerplatz

It's Easter and it seems like many of the locals spend this weekend with their families. As my family are in England, it's a good time to spend the afternoon exploring the neighborhood and spending time in coffee shops! I'd looked up a few of Munich's most loved cafes but in the end I decided to head for Cotidiano's in Gärtnerplatz. I'm moving house again in two weeks to a place near this area, so it's nice to get to know it a little before I settle there for the next three months.

Cotidiano's is a 'bakery cafe' and is actually more like a restaurant. As you go indoors, you leave behind the quiet streets of Munich and are instantly greeted by friendly waiting staff and an inviting atmosphere. Maybe it's busier being a public holiday, but every time I come here it's lively and has a great buzz about it. Great food for all times of the day and an inviting drinks menu, this is definitely one of Munich's hot spots!

The crowd in this area of Munich is young, creative and seemingly carefree. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to living in my new place! I haven't met one person in Munich, who hasn't struggled to find somewhere to rent or has had to move after a month or two. It's a hassle, but I'm actually enjoying the opportunity to experience different areas of Munich and what they have to offer.

21 Apr 2014

Easter Sunday in Munich

Most of my friends in Munich, went home to see their families this weekend. So, those who we're staying in Munich decided to get together and cook a nice meal together :) It's not nice being away from home, on a weekend where most people spend time with their family, so we decided to do something nice as a group. 

Once we'd agreed on what to make, we did a Lidl's haul and got to work cooking dinner! We cooked up a Brazilian recipe that Camila likes to cook back home, which was absolutely delish! In the end we ate salmon with salad and rice, with the special addition of Camilla's Brazilian black bean recipe. 

Happy Easter!