24 Mar 2014

Here come the Brits!

This weekend I had my first visitors to stay with me! It was really the best time, as I think any earlier it would be harder to say goodbye. It was a nice little treat for me to spend time with good friends and  equally they got to explore a great new city.

The girls arrived late on Friday night, so we headed to a cosy pub and enjoyed a Bavarian beer whilst we caught up. The next day I cooked a big breakfast, which featured the well known 'bratwurst' sausage, which had a kick of chilli and were pretty tasty. With full tummies, we headed to Viktualienmarkt- a historical market place, bustling with food, flower and coffee stalls.

Viktualienmarkt has everything from Antipasti to rare spices and traditional Bavarian delicacies, and caters for every taste bud. It's a great place to pick up food which may not be so widely available in the local supermarkets; but of course, it is also a hub for tourists who want to get a feel for Bavarian life.

Aside from the food stalls, Viktualienmarkt has an abundance of cafes and restaurants, which offer cuisine from a range of cultures including Italian, Mexican and Thai.

As the weather turned to a little more like what we are used to in the UK, I decided to take the girls to  a rooftop bar to take in the impressive Munich skyline. Recommended by my colleague Lauren, we took the U-Bahn to the University district and headed to a bar on the top floor of the TUM. When we got up, it was a perfect mix of laid back interior design, impressive views and chilled electro music. 

This is definitely something special in Munich and a great place to visit if you are in the city for a weekend.